The Beauty of the Bakery

backery3While scanning social media today, I discovered that a new bakery has finally opened in the downtown area.  This news would cause me to pause as my mind went back to a time when there were no bakeries in your local grocery mega-stores; where the smells get lost in the vastness of the building that houses the little areas of our lives that use to be exclusive to neighborhood businesses and downtown charm.  The thought of a bakery brings back memories of a quieter and gentler time.

I envision the enticement of approaching the cobalt-striped, canopy-adorned, window; displaying an assortment of freshly baked goodies that are gently calling my name.  I imagine opening first, the screen door; hearing the creek of the aged hinges as I push open the white-ruffled curtain-adorned French-doors that lead into this heavenly and tasty realm.  Immediately, my senses are immersed in the wonderfulness of flavors that permeates the air of this modestly adorned area.  The cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin spice melded together with the smell of coffee that was offered to the customers who may want to eat their tasty indulgences on-site   A white, linen, table-clothed, bistro-type table is sitting inconspicuously to the left of the front door as well as outside in a charming alfresco setting.  pecan rollMy eyes behold a host of feather-light crullers, enormous gooey pecan rolls, freshly baked sweet-breads and plate-sized cookies; all sitting enticingly on their paper-laced doilies displays a beautiful array of scrumptious, homemade goodness.

Behind the counter, I recognize a friendly face and a memorable smile.  This lady is a neighbor and a local business woman; a loving grandmother of three, dotingly baking and serving life-long and new customers with the same warm care she would give a family member.   Her husband is happily sharing a friendly story of a recent fishing trip with another pal and patron.

We have a little chat about how nice it was to have fall approaching and how fall this year has inspired a new “pumpkin spice” doughnut that, when paired with a tall glass of locally-grown, sweet apple cider, will quickly become a ritual to prepare the locals for the harvest-time festivities that would ensue before the Christmas time holidays are upon us.

There was a charm in experiencing a warm and inviting neighborhood bakery; and the thought of one gracing our downtown area again warms my spirit for this town that I have called home for a good portion of my life.  We need to remember and preserve our downtown history.  We need to show our children what life was like before superstores and the focus on non-stop convenience.  We need to slow down our dead-heat run to the grave.  Life was not meant to be flown through at break-neck speed; it was meant to be tasted and savored.

As we move forward and evolve as human beings; we risk losing touch with the little niceties of the life we lived, before convenience took over.  If our children don’t experience it, they won’t share it; and that’s how traditions die.

I know that our community will help to ensure that this piece of Americana will thrive.  We need to remember the sweet parts of life; and to me, nothing defines sweet like the sweet aroma’s and feelings that one gets when they walk into a true, gingerbread house of scrumptious deliciousness and thought provoking remembrances’ of a time gone by.


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